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Hey guys… added this one to my portfolio , but of course i’d love some feedback before making the final decision:


Best way to test it:

  1. On the repo you will see a code img: Scan with your phone camera

Other way to test it:

  1. Get on the live app and follow the steps to create your own menu
  2. Once created, make sure to scan the code as soon as you receive it
  3. The link should take you to your online menu

Thanks in advance!

Here is my review:

QR generation is working as expected.
Responsive UI

phone number / business hours validation missing.
there is no “remove” option after clicking 'add" button.
Need to have a “progress bar” so that user will know QR code generation is in progress.

If you’re running the backend on your own standalone API, then use a load testing tool like jMeter
to analyze your application behavior when there’s a spike in demand.
Replicate 100k traffic with atleast 100 parallel users.
Also, analyze the I/O and CPU utilization during the same.
Because, QR apps are used by mobile users and they are very sensitive on memory/bandwidth usage of the application.

Good luck!

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