Merging CodeIgniter and NoNonsense Forum

I’m building a website using the CodeIgniter framework, and would like to offer users a simple forum to discuss their business. For example the (1) Leader/Director of a company may want to discuss internal business with the (2) Manager, and the (3) Foreperson, and the (4) Workers/Salespersons, and where all other users of the website would be denied access, and I thought NoNonsense Forum (NNF) would be ideal. FreeCodeCamp don’t allow the link so will need to be Googled

I have downloaded the Zip folder, unzipped and read the text files particularly INSTALL.txt but I’m confused on how I would get it to work. I note that the .htaccess file is necessary for NNF to work, and the same named file is also necessary for CodeIgiter system to work. That file is located in C:\xampp\application.htaccess and the contents of that file are as follows;

<IfModule authz_core_module> Require all denied </IfModule> <IfModule !authz_core_module> Deny from all </IfModule>

I thought the appropriate place to paste the “contents” of NNF folder would be C:\xampp\htdocs\application\ but the two .htaccess files would conflict, however I thought there maybe a possibility they could be amalgamated.

I already have placed the folder in C:\xampp\htdocs\application\NoNonsenseForum-master

I have created a “view” page such as C:\xampp\htdocs\application\views\worldwide\johndoesalesforum.php

Having said all of that I have no idea on how to implement NNF into CodeIgiter system and get it to work.

Can anybody please guide me?