Merging duplicate accounts? maybe?

I started on FCC a while back with the username micqey and I can still sign in there, but for some reason when I came back to FCC recently I entered a different email and it sent me a login link anyway…

Now I have an account with a normal username ‘micqey’ and another account with tons of new progress with some strange key string for a username like fcc2976d300-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-e234567890ert

is there a way to merge the progress from these two accounts?


here’s the actual username of what I can only assume was some kind of auto-generated account : fcc2976d300-63f9-4f87-8144-e14780076cf2

Since you entered a different email address, it just went ahead and created a new account for you. The username is obviously random, but you could set it if you want to keep that account. You have a couple options. You can delete your accidentally-created account and just log into your old one with the correct email address or you can email with the details of your accounts. If you choose to ask Quincy to merge them, please be patient. He’s drowning in email right now.

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