Merging my freecodecamp account with my beta account

Hello! How can I merge my beta account with my simple freecodecamp account?
My email is the same in both situations, most my settings too.
I simply can’t bring myself to do the same work all over again.
Thank you

So your progress is on the beta site?

If your progress is on

You don’t need to do anything. When the new curriculum goes live your accepted solutions will still be saved to your account.

If your progress is on

You should be able to view your accepted solutions and I recommend saving them somewhere (what a great reason to finally learn how Git works) if you want them to be available after Beta goes to production. Keep in mind that only challenges marked with a * are required so you don’t need to copy over the others if you don’t want to.

My main progress is on the non beta site. After creating an account for the beta site too, it began instructing me from the top once more, which obviously I skipped doing. I keep on advancing on my non-beta progress.
Thank you for your replies.