Merging profiles

Hey there.

I think I already asked over a month ago and wrote some emails to but my profiles still haven’t been merged. Could you please merge those two?

I signed up with Github back then and when I tried to log back in I got a new profile connected to the same Github account.

It would be very kind.
Thank you!

The only way to get your accounts edited in the FCC database is through the email address. The moderators of this forum are only moderators for the forum and do not have access to FCC accounts. Only Quincy can edit your account and he can get swamped with thousands of emails in a day.

Could you please help me contact Quincy?
It has been over a month since I sent those mails :confused:

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Email is the best way to get ahold of him. Keep in mind that he gets thousands of emails, so any time he gets a backlog (for example, he is currently visiting Australia to give a talk and to visit local groups) it can take a lot of work to get through them.