MERN boilerplate

Hey, i made a very simple MERN + redux stack project using create-react-app and express-generator, the example project is based off of FCC’s library project using mongoose.

When i was first learning the JS stack it was pretty difficult to find barebones, accessible projects to learn from, so maybe this will be useful to someone else. Keep in mind this is intended as something to study from and is in no way professional nor should be used in real projects, it has zero security or production optimizations, but if you’re beating your head against the wall trying to connect the front end to the back end, or trying to understand how redux is configured, this might be helpful.


I’m trying to do something similar because existing generators/boilerplates just seem to introduce so many silly bells and whistles that clutter the project up and introduce potential points of failure.

But, unless I’m mistaken, your boilerplate doesn’t use Babel or Webpack? Those are causing my current headache…

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They use babel/webpack by default on create_react_app, i made a boilerplate using babel/webpack last year though, might be helpful to you, it’s equally minimalistic. The focus of this one was in fullstack dev, so i abstracted the front end away.

Here’s the one using webpack: