MERN Stack learning order

Hey campers,

Just a quick one…

What is the best order of learning the MERN Stack after HTML, CSS and JS? Which one comes first, then after that etc?

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I suggest following the order that FCC uses.


Which is? I haven’t unlocked the back end yet.

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I don’t know what you’re talking about. Nothing gets “unlocked”. The order recommended by FCC is the order the lessons are in on the curriculum page.

Node and express fit together well and mongo and react are free standing concepts and skills that fit into the others like a puzzle. The API challenge skills combined with mongo will allow you to create any APIs that can be consumed with any front end like react, EJs, angular etc.

But ff has a curriculum all laid out for you. If you want supplemental courses I’d suggest colt steeles web developer bootcamps

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Yeah as said, once you know basic JS, CSS, and HTML, are two parts of the stack:

  1. React ( the R) - the frontend (client), what the person sees.
  2. Node/Express/Mongo (the N, E, M) - the backend (server), the behind the scene stuff.

Both of those can be learned independently and in any order. As Ariel suggested, there’s no reason not to just learn them in the order presented by FCC - the FCC curriculum is built around the MERN stack.

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