MERN Stack project database part does not seem to work

Hello everyone out here, I am struggling to find out the way to run MERN projects cloned from GitHub. The part where I get stuck is the database. I am able to run the front-end and the back-end also says connection to database is successful ( which essentially means my connection string is working…) , but when i run the application and try to perform any Insert, Update, Delete operation, it doesn’t seem to work. It will be really helpful if someone explains to me the way to run these cloned GitHub projects locally ( in correct way).

As an example link please let me know the steps how you would run this GitHub project on your machine -

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we are here to solve your problem of FreeCodeCamp not Github etc.

If you want to need help please go and ask problem on “GitHub Documentation

are you indian ?,I am also Indian .If you Indian I will help you privately on whatsapp my contact number is mod edit: private info removed

arreee jo aapne upar likhaa woh braa uska thora chota karo fir me btata hu

show your certificate of completing of html and css because i want give your certicate to freecodecamp for security process

Okay I will send you once I complete it.

question thora chota banano jita ho ske

thik hai bhai, dhyan rakhunga…

jaldi btao kya kaaam h
or bhi kaam h FreeCodeCamp per

main question ko kam karu ya idhar reply mei likh du ?

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idhar reply me likh do jaldi]

I am giving you 2 min

github se clone kia hua MERN project ko kaise run karte hai locally ? Meine try kia run karne ko, par data add nehi hota hai…

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Why did you ask for this person’s certificate?
You have no business asking for it.

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