MERNG Stack Tutorial Video

Hello everyone,
I’m following the MERNG Tutorial from the freeCodeCamp Youtube channel.
But I’m stuck in the topic Register & Login Users.
By the timestamp 56:55 the instructor runs a query with GraphQL.
I’m getting this error message:

  "errors": [
      "message": "Usuario validation failed: senha_usuario: Cast to string failed for value \"Promise { <pending> }\" at path \"senha_usuario\"",
      "locations": [
          "line": 2,
          "column": 3
      "path": [
  "data": {
    "registrar": null


const gql = require('graphql-tag');

module.exports = gql`
  type Postagem {
    id: ID!
    conteudo_postagem: String!
    postagem_criada: String!
    nome_usuario: String!

  type Query {
    getPostagens: [Postagem]

  input DadosRegistro {
    nome_usuario: String!
    senha: String!
    confirmarSenha: String!
    email: String!

  type Usuario {
    id: ID!
    email: String!
    token: String!
    nome_usuario: String!
    usuario_criado: String!

  type Mutation {
    registrar(dadosRegistro: DadosRegistro): Usuario


const bcrypt = require('bcryptjs');
const jwt = require('jsonwebtoken');
const { UserInputError } = require('apollo-server');

// Chave para codificar o token
const { JWT_KEY } = require('../../config.js');
const Usuario = require('../../modelos/Usuario.js');

module.exports = {
  Mutation: {
    async registrar(_, { dadosRegistro: { nome_usuario, senha, confirmarSenha, email } }){

      // Checando se o usuario já existe
      const usuario = await Usuario.findOne({ nome_usuario })

        throw new UserInputError('Nome de usuário já existe', {
          erros: {
            nome_usuario: 'Este nome de usuário já existe'
      // Criptografando senha
      senhaHashed = bcrypt.hash(senha, 12);

      const novoUsuario = new Usuario({
        senha_usuario: senhaHashed,
        email_usuario: email,
        usuario_criado: new Date().toISOString()

      const resultado = await;

      const token = jwt.sign({
        email: resultado.email_usuario,
        nome_usuario: resultado.nome_usuario
      }, JWT_KEY, { expiresIn: '1h' })

      return {
        id: resultado._id,

I’ll wait for answers. Thank you.

This means that you want to have a string for senha_usuario in your Usuario model, but you don’t get one, because the Promise is pending, not fulfilled.

In your code, you can see that senha_usuario comes from senhaHashed.

sensaHashed comes from bcrypt.hash(senha, 12).

Looking at the docs of bcrypt, you can see that you have to do something with the hash function: either use then or await.

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Thank you! Your answer is really helpful, especially for me, I’m learning this stack for the first time.

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