Meta-Learning and Getting Unstuck

I’m going through one the Python data courses and I noticed that my meta learning method isn’t as efficient as I would like it to be. After I went through all of the videos, I didn’t retain enough information from the videos to go through the final projects easily.

Now that I’m in the middle of the projects, as I get stuck, my method to get “unstuck” looks like this:

  1. Look at what the instructions are asking me to do.
  2. Ask myself, “Do I know how to code this right now?” Or, if I don’t know how to code it now, “Do I know know what it’s asking me to do?”, or “Could I break down what it’s asking me to do in pseudo code?”. Usually I know what the instructions are asking me to do, but I don’t know the syntax and language features well enough to form a good statement.
  3. Attempt to Google several things and notice that the results I am getting don’t seem to be relevant.
  4. Go through the notebooks provided in the course and try to scan the code to find the relevant parts.

How can this process be improved? I would like to shorten the time it takes for me to get “unstuck” from problems. Thank you.

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