Meteorjs for FCC backend challenge?

I am looking forward to opt Meteorjs to complete fCC backend projects. Any tips or guides on where to start? Any useful boilerplate(s)?

If you have used Meteor for the same, how was your experience?

meteor was actually fun to work with. I used the tutorials on their website and that pretty much got me going.

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I watched and did this tutorial either, but didn’t understand much of it. Then found amazing course from Andrew Mead - about Meteor and React. It was pretty new half year ago, but now it’s still most up-to-date course I think. Here’s a link And by the way this author explaining material in a very very extended way.
31.5 hours on-demand video - it is very cool I think


I really enjoyed Andrew Mead’s Meteor+React course too.

The only thing I would caution is that Meteor is running Node 4… which wouldn’t be an issue except for the fact that they haven’t updated it for the recent Node security issue (and I couldn’t see how to update Meteor core on my own easily).

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Thank you Michael. I am currently doing the first tutorial using Blaze. I am thinking of trying out the react version too.

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I does look pretty exclusive. I will definitely take a look. Your experience with it, does make me want to opt for it since there are hundreds of tutorials online, having a direction for a specific does help. Thank you so much for the link.

Indeed Dave. I was worried about that until I found this: which says if one uses 1.5.1 version of meteor, it solves the vulnerability issue since Nodejs 4.8.4 is a stable version.

Good find! :slight_smile:

I was looking at the official website. The changelog there is out of date. :frowning:

Now to update some old projects (I was waiting for this release).

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On Aug 2, they have released an official post on their blog about the release of Meteor 1.5.1: