Method for learning JS?

So I have almost finished js basics course, and have learnt things like arrays, loops if else statements. However I don’t understand how these concepts relate to actually making a website do something. The first JS I have encountered in a website tutorial is the drop down menu where the on click function was used and the toggleClass function. I find that actually making little things like this helps me understand js better, hence I am wondering if I am jumping in to quickly before learning the core concepts of JS? How would you recommend I continue learning JS? (just stick with it till the Algorithms section or beyond, or start looking at how the JS concepts are used to make websites functional and learn by being able to make all these little things like a drop down menu).

Thanks for your help in advance slight_smile:

I recommend you stick with the curriculum and continue learning JS.
You right, they don’t make some connections between JS and HTML/CSS, but they give fundamentals for latter.

Do your best and complete basic algorithm and json api & ajax. After that, project will force you to apply what you have learned on real application (but they are more tougher and require more research).


Thanks for the reply. Yh I will continue with the course just took a break cos I felt that learning all this syntax and concepts wasn’t helping me do anything. Like I know how to write an array, now what do I do with it. Thanks again for the reply.

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