Metric-Imperial Converter 7th test

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Hi! I’m doing my first Quality Assurance Project and I can’t pass 7th pass.
It looks working fine but I feel that I’ve messed up without knowing it.
I am generally no aware of what I’m doing wrong so
If you have any time to check my code and you are not busy to help me
It would be really great to hear any kind of feedback for completing my project.

My glitch project link is

I’ve passed all the units test and functional test.

Thank you in advance!

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Challenge: Metric-Imperial Converter

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Yes, you’re correct. Your project is working as expected, is just that the tests were updated and the original project wasn’t. Sorry about that :sweat_smile:.

The fix is to, instead of returning {error: 'the error message'} return just the string:

res.send('the error message')

Where the error message should be replaced with invalid unit, invalid number or invalid number and unit.

Let us know if that works :slight_smile:.

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Thank you @skaparate !
I’ve fixed it and submit it ! :wink: thank you !

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