Metric-Imperial Converter - spellOutUnit

Can anyone tell me what this function is supposed to do?

  suite('Function convertHandler.spellOutUnit(unit)', function() {
    test('For Each Valid Unit Inputs', function(done) {


Is it supposed to:

output each letter of the unit, e.g. gal is g,a,l

It doesn’t do anything, it’s a function to run a test and the actual thing it’s supposed to be testing isn’t called anywhere: it just sets a test up, does nothing, exits.

I realise that. The function it’s referring to is:

this.spellOutUnit = function(unit) {
    var result;
    return result;

But I don’t know what the requirement for this function is.
The stub is supplied but I don’t know what FCC want me to do with it.

If you could provide a link here that would be great, there are hundreds of challenges

LINE 82:

LINE 29:

I figured it out… the function is supposed to output the full unit name: kg => kilograms