Metric imperial converter

Hey, your app doesn’t seem to be working…

The front-end doesn’t show anything. I think it’s because of an error : “ReferenceError: event is not defined”. It’s located in the index.html jquery script, where “event” is not passed to the callback. I had the same problem.

The error is in the boilerplate, if you fix that it should probably work.

(@JosephLivengood , check that out on github, I sent a pull request there fixing it)

anyway I added $(’#convertForm’).submit(function(event) {
and how you tested?

I wrote my tests separately, putting them in a folder called “test” (which is the default name used by Mocha, while the boilerplate uses the name “tests”) and tested in the terminal with Mocha. When all passed I pasted my tests into the boilerplate files.

My exercise is here:

I don’t understand what is wrong my app.
Your app badly recognized the unit 37kmi

Ha, thanks! Fixed it.
Yours seems to be working fine. Why do you think it’s wrong?