Michael Scott Tribute page - Feedback


Getting back into the FCC curriculum after a lot of time off. I’m having a lot of fun building my Tribute page right now. It currently passes all of the test when I include the testing widgets, but I plan on making some further improvements and possibly adding content.

Things I’ll definitely do:
Mess with quote animation (easing, test other transforms/props, etc)
CLEAN UP CODE (pretty thrown together atm)
Image credit (and anything else that I need to credit someone for)
Better look on mobile

Things I might do:
Turn image area into carousel
Make timeline more interesting (more dates, image for each “slide”)
Randomize the quote on page load

Anyways you can check it out here: https://codepen.io/4trio19/full/ERLPeR/

Let me know what ya think! Thanks!

Nice job. I really like the quote section it is pretty nice. I would probably put a bit more spacing between the “Become a M…” and “Dive deeper…” text because on my screen they are to close to each other. But other wise nicely done.

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Thanks! Went ahead and made the adjustment you recommended. Appreciate the feedback.