Microsoft Learn Progress not being properly recognized

Hi all,
I have a bit of an interesting dilemma; I decided to begin the Foundation C# certification on here, and the issue that I’m running into is being sparked from the fact that I completed some of these modules already on the Microsoft Learn site; trying to answer the question in the storing and retrieving values with variables section of the course (module on Learn was completed in May of 2021), and so now not sure what to do. I do happen to have two Microsoft accounts, which could also be confusing things? What would be your best recommendation to get around this?


Updates: I attempted to complete the module using a different Microsoft account, was able to earn the achievement, though I keep getting the message “please finish the assignments” when I go to check the answer to the question. (I know it’s right, or else I’d not have passed the module.) Latest Edge, Latest Windows 10, and instead of using the editor on the web page, I have been using Visual Studio 2022 to complete everything. Not sure that matters? the odd thing was that with the module before, I was able to pass the question without having to redo the module.