Mid-project, content suddenly not showing


almost done with the survey form thing, suddenly content after last HTML bits arent showing up. in this case the button, previously the comment box (which i deleted to do the button to see if it would show).
not sure what the deal is suddenly, as to why nothing will generate. ive combed through looking to make sure all closing tags are there etc, i cant find the issue and neither can Analyze. Ideas? im burnt out on it and need a break for the night. thank you :slight_smile:

have you closed all the right tags?
like, check the last thing that shows. are all the tags closed?

you know what, they were closed but i think i let the browser sit idle too long or something and they stopped communicating. i went and started deleting things just to see if anything would happen and it didn’t until i refreshed the page. now its working, first time i had that happen, i leave it open all the time for weeks now lol.