Migrating Wordpress+Godaddy to React+Firebase

My friends and I have a small and growing business related to tourism and so far we have a Wordpress website that is being hosted via Godaddy. We realize now, that Godaddy has a bad reputation in the community and also have experienced ourselves, that our site has a pretty slow loading time despite it being relatively small (~ 10 s fully loaded time when tested using GTmetrix). The site also breaks when more than 20 people visits it at the same time (we conducted a small survey among our friends and a lot of them complained that the site either loads for a really long time or it does not even load. I also did some load tests using loader.io and it did not perform well).

So we decided to move from Godaddy and even from Wordpress at all, if possible. Our long-term plan is to have a mobile/web app, which allows users to search for transportation and other attractions that we offer. It should also provide more complex functionality, such as planning trips, rate attractions, and so on. Therefore we decided to develop a web application from scratch with React or Angular and using website hosting such as Firebase or AWS with pay-as-you-go plans. Some of my friends and myself are Computer Science students or have some experience developing websites as side projects, but none of us has deployed a real website using Firebase or other web hostings.

My questions to you are:

  1. What do you think about migrating a complete Wordpress site to a complete new website using a Javascript framework? Our current website consists of some simple articles and forms. We plan to develop more complex website therefore we think that using React makes more sense than using numerous Wordpress plugins or constantly editing the theme.

  2. Will it affect our SEO score? We have been operating since 2018 and our site has a pretty descent score. Some relevant key words show our site on the top of the search

  3. How about using Firebase as web hosting? How does is compare with other (monthly billed) web hostings?

Thank you very much for your help and suggestions! :slightly_smiling_face:

Well the slowness should be from your Wordpress optimizations.

Well moving the site to a JavaScript framework is my personal way to go.

You could try to optimize your WordPress site and maybe move to a dedicated cloud server from Digital Ocean probably.

Also, Firebase Web Hosting is like Netlify which has a great free plan. For what you are saying, you need a dedicated server basically.

Also, if you are using React or Angular, then could you describe the use cases of the site.

it did not perform well

Agree with razzakammar_nano probably from optimizations or extra plugins that were added. Ive used wordpress, maybe it is outdated but my experience with it is that it is very fast. also has good SEO

Will it affect our SEO score

for SEO react @yakhousam advised me to copy this but ive not tested it yet:

In the curriculum REACT renderToString method is brought up, although it is a very easy challenge to pass, Ive not used it or understood what is the point, although perhaps functions-samples repo makes use of it:

it is also mentioned in the docs here: