Milton Friedman Tribute Page

Hey Guys!

Appreciate if you can give me any two cents on the tribute page that I’ve done up :blush:


Oh! I can see that when the screen is minimized, the picture becomes distorted.

One of the things that is probably causing your responsiveness issues is that you are using a <table> for your layout. <table> is for presenting data, CSS is for layout and style.

You already have Bootstrap loaded, so you want to try to recreate what you have using that and its CSS classes for your layout instead.

Read up on Bootstrap classes such row, col-xs-* (where * is the number of ‘columns’ your element should take up, maximum 12), and maybe img-responsive.

You have a really nice and clean design otherwise :slight_smile:

Hi Jason

Thanks for the tip. Let me try it :slight_smile: