Minimalist Portfolio Page - Feedback?

Hi Campers!

Just finished the portfolio challenge. Here’s the link:

Any feedback would be much appreciated.



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Looks nice though you probably should make the <hr> width of 90% not the full 100%.

Looking good, Kenneth.

A quick quote / note from MDN

Do not use the placeholder attribute instead of a <label> element. Their purposes are different: the <label> attribute describes the role of the form element; that is, it indicates what kind of information is expected, the placeholder attribute is a hint about the format the content should take. There are cases in which the placeholder attribute is never displayed to the user, so the form must be understandable without it.

Hey, thanks for the correction. I didn’t know that. I added labels and re-wrote the placeholders.

It’s looking good. On my 13" laptop your lines of text are really long and I have to shrink my browser window horizontally to read them comfortably. Maybe consider narrowing down the lines for wider screens.

Great job! Can’t wait until I get to this challenge as well. I might be weird, but I sort of wish there were pictures or images of some kind. I noticed placeholders were used, so that might be to come.

Perhaps also adding bullet points where you have Me in ten seconds. It’ll give it a better sense of structure and be easier to read.

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