Minimalistic Portfolio - Feedback Welcome!

Hey all, looks like I’m finally done with the HTML/CSS cert with this project complete.

My personal aesthetic is a minimalist and elegant one, so that’s what I designed the portfolio around.

As always, any feedback, comments or advice is welcome!

Portfolio looks good @Brena. Couple of things;

  • Make it so your pens open full view instead of the pen
  • You have a typo here;
    <div clas="headwrap">
    (At least I’m pretty sure you meant class and according to CSS you did)

nice catch, thanks for bringing that to my attention!

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I love the look of your portfolio! Very clean!

My eyes wondered around the page a bit before I found “I’m Victoria,…” and since you’re the star of the page it might be better to have that text higher up. There are some great resources out there tracking the movement of users eyes on web pages, including a case study on Uber

You might love this topic because it’ll show you how to maximise the impact of a super minimal site!