Minimally Styled <img> Tag Documentation

CodePen for my Technical Documentation Project

I refined and heavily altered an old practice project to use a more minimal styling (and to pass the project tests). I like how it turned out, but I would really like some feedback from some fresh eyes!

If that’s minimal styling, I’d like to see your other projects :grinning:

It’s nice to see a different approach for the navigation, and the general styles make it easy to find what you’re searching for in a documentation. Maybe I’d reduce the box-shadow of the sections a little and make it softer.

There are a few issues with your HTML, nothing severe - you can check for them with (the codepen validator is very forgiving and doesn’t show these errors).

One thing concerning codepen - the only code that goes into the HTML panel is the content of your <body> tag, not the <body> tag itself, and no <head> tag. Stuff that belongs into the <head> can be added by clicking on the cogwheel (upper left of the panel).

One last idea - for long pages with internal links, I always add this to my CSS:

html {