Minor issues with my website

Months ago, I put up my CV website and had it mostly finished but I found out a few glaring issues that occur when I view it on a mobile device (View in Responsive Design Mode and in a mobile screen size to see what I mean).

On a mobile screen, there is a sticky navigation bar at the bottom of the viewport. Whenever I open or close any of the sections, it stays where its supposed to go but when I open the CAREER section, the menu bar goes away and I have to scroll up and down or close it to bring it back to the viewport.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg of a handful of other visual errors I’m trying to iron out now.

If anyone would point out what the problem is, I’d appreciate it a lot.


(Link to my site’s above)

Career section has some section overflowing of the view, this is causing the navigation to go away.

Once I’ve removed these overflowing sections the navigation works as it should.

The problem is this css rule.
flex: 2 0 400px;

remove the 400px … thing

Remove that rule completly and that will fix the navigation and all the other problems (related to overflow) on mobile.

This is the css class which has the rule.

#career .entry

Or if you are really keen to keep it add a media query and make it 280px or something else for under 600px view width or so.

That 400px is set for flex-basis in the short-hand form of flex.
That explains why is messing up with stuff.


  • Love your CV site, neat.

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