Misleading Explanation of let variables

Yeah I really don’t understand why they didn’t do it for const

According to the google doc, it is planned for.

Re-declare const

Same as above, but with const. This might be addressed as a follow-up. We don’t need to ship all of REPL-mode at the same time.

BTW, it also doesn’t apply when switching to var.

let test = "test";
var test = "test2"
VM377:1 Uncaught SyntaxError: Identifier 'test' has already been declared

So this just seems a bit inconsistent.

It does seem a little bit half baked: either wait until it works consistently before releasing, or put it behind a setting until it does. I use the repl a lot, so it working consistently like this would be great for my workflow, but at the minute it’s just a little bit pointless; for foreseeable will just have to keep to my normal flow of hitting refresh every few runs

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