Missing double quote causes error in view window

Hello there,

While this does not seem to effect any functionality, I had not seen it before in any other practice yet, and wanted to let you know in case you wanted to see what was going on.

While doing this curriculum: “Basic CSS: Prioritize One Style Over Another”

I was typing out <h1 class="pink-text>Hello World!

And if you notice the missing " on the end of pink-text, because I was not done typing, but the moment I typed "pink-text WITHOUT finishing the end " The view screen on the right side gave a stack trace of this:

e),checkChallengePayload=document.__checkChallengePayload;function isPromise(e){return e&&“function”!=typeof … ( and a lot more, I just did not want to paste it all here) If you need it, I can send it.

NOTE: The moment I type the final " at the end of pink-text, this goes away, and clicking the ‘run test’ button completes with no problem.

What’s happening is that the browser is trying to run the code in the editor and encountering a syntax error. It is possible to correctly place a syntax error such that it will have an impact of the behavior of the application.

It is good advice to solve missing double quote in the view window. Actually, it happens when do fast typing. I have shared this solution to error 0x8024200b where users are discussing a similar issue