Missing "s" in substract

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Hi, Just to say that there is an issue in this course, indeed freeCodeCamp wants me to add “subtract” instead of “substract” it misses an “s”…

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import subtract from './math_functions.js'  
// Only change code above this line


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Challenge: Import a Default Export

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@Jju17, subtract is the correct spelling, there is not missing “s”.

You can search and verify

Why do you think there should be a second “s”?

I’m not sure why you believe that an extra S needs to be added? ‘Subtract’ is spelled exactly as shown in the challenge.

funny thing, i actually believed its spelled with an “s”, but this lesson had corrected that knowledge for me at the time i was learning it. I suppose this misconception derives for non-native speakers making association with the word extract(because of the S sound, which in cyrillic is also written)


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