Missing Variables in boilerplate-infosec!

I can’t finish challenges 13-14 in the Information Security with HelmetJS section, focused on BCrypt!

The fcc solutions/hints refer to the boilerplate having already included the variables I need, as well as sections of the server.js file having commented out guides to areas to include my code. I don’t see any of these anywhere! Is this an issue with the boilerplate or am I missing directions somewhere?

Additionally, when I run my solution in challenge 12 (Understand BCrypt Hashes), fcc denies that I have required BCrypt in my server.js file. Is this problem related?

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solution: https://replit.com/@pikapumpkin/boilerplate-infosec

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Hash and Compare Passwords Synchronously

Link to the challenge:

(plus /understand-bcrypt-hashes and /hash-and-compare-passwords-synchronously)

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