Mistake on the task 72 (Golf Code - Basic Javascript)

Hello, dear coders! Maybe support should fix that issue, it can confuse newbies. (And yes, we could easily make an additional clause just for this case)

I’m not sure what you are trying to say or ask here. Can you elaborate?

It looks like the test suite is correctly identifying a case in which your code fails to meet the requirements, but it’s hard to be 100% certain from a screenshot. When asking for help, its best to include your full code and a link to the challenge.


Thank you guys, I realized my problem. I didn’t notice < sign in this stroke: stroke <= par - 2 “Eagle”; Thats why my code didn’t work correctly, and I got a mistake while checking golfScore(5, 2) condition.
Excuse me for stupid question. Im trying to study after disease, but it seems it’s not the best way.

Its perfectly fine to ask questions. We’re here to help. It just wasn’t clear what you were asking.

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