Mistake on topic? Accessing Object Properties with Variables


I’m just refreshing myself on Javascript after getting most of the way through this course but then taking a (longer than intended!) break.

I just got to this topic: “Accessing Object Properties with Variables”.

After looking at the code in the editor, it looked fine to me and I couldn’t figure out what to solve. Eventually I just clicked the “Run Tests” button and it said I got it right! (Without changing anything).

None of the previous ones I’ve already completed did this, so I assume it’s accidentally been updated or something?


Is it possible you completed the lesson at some point in the past? It could be you would just need to reset the code if you wanted to try it again.

Huh, that’s solved it. But I’ve just done over 100 of the previous topics (which I had also already completed) and didn’t need to reset any of them?

Thanks anyway! Not sure why I need to reset some, but not others

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Your guess is as good as mine :laughing:
I’m still getting used to the way the courses work.

Maybe someone who knows more will be able to enlighten us?

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