Mix-up horizontal and vertical line at css grid

I think the lesson mix the vertical and horizontal line

I think this is horizontal line: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I think this is vertical line:

But on the “practice window” it’ s not work

grid-area: 3/1/4/4;
The first and third number concern vertical line.
The second and fourth number concern horizontal line.what

or What am I wrong about?

The lesson description:

grid-area: horizontal line to start at / vertical line to start at / horizontal line to end at / vertical line to end at;
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Challenge: Use grid-area Without Creating an Areas Template

Link to the challenge:

Nothing is wrong with your answer.
reset the code and try again.

Hi @nikolicsmilan77 !

It is always best to include the FULL code when asking for help.

That way people helping you can test your FULL code and determine if there is an issue with your browser or if you accidentally changed something in other parts of the code.

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