Mixed Grouping of Characters

i really have no idea whay use .* for concession for middle names
in my head its either with or without middle name

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let myString = "Eleanor Roosevelt";
let myRegex = /(Franklin|Eleanor)(\s|\sD.\s)Roosevelt/g; // Change this line
let result = myRegex.test(myString); // Change this line
// After passing the challenge experiment with myString and see how the grouping works

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Challenge: Check For Mixed Grouping of Characters

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Hello there, .* matches anything that comes between the mixed grouping and the last name. This is quite useful when you don’t know whether there is something else (like a middle name) you should consider, don’t you think?

EDIT: it works when used like this: *.*

even with white space?

* checks whether there is something. If there is nothing it matches nothing. Yes also works with spaces. + does not work with spaces.

okay, thanks! I got confused with the instructions

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