Mobile App and HTML5 local storage coding

I am having to populate three separate text boxes with info, then with an onclick function it is saved to HTML5 local storage and retrieved and displayed in another text box on another page all by the action of one onclick function.

Can this be actually done?



I am understanding the local storage, but after “localStorage.setItem”, when initiating “localStorage.getItem, how do i earmark or pinpoint another page for the data to be"got” and displayed?

Many thanks indeed for your help

this is my javaScript “controller” page

function populateStorage() {

function retrieveStorage() {
var currentName = localStorage.getItem(“name”);
var currentDescription = localStorage.getItem(“description”);

document.getElementById("name").value = currentName;
document.getElementById("description").value = currentDescription;


This is my html page where I want the local storage to appear in to the two of the three text boxes

Patch ID Name Description

ignore the “ion” tags its the mobile app creator it was first designed in…I still can’t get the local storage to be retrieved and displayed into two of the three text boxes where the I.Ds are “name” and "description"
If you can reflect any light on the matter i would be so grateful.


Patch ID Name Description

can’t seem to get my html code to stay on the page