Mobile landscape Media Q issue

Hi guys,

So far, every page I’ve done hasn’t needed any adjustments in landscape mode. My mediaQ’s adjusted in portrait mode have also given me the desired look in landscape.

However my latest page was pushing everything down in landscape mode on mobiles. I don’t have a good example of this because I’ve since adjusted it by adjusting some of the heights and moving things around but for future reference, if a page isn’t behaving in landscape on a mobile do I need to do the same as I would in portrait with the line breaks?

The page above at <500px was running some of the text overlapping the elements below. But only in landscape. I have 3 sections to my page, each one I wanted to fill 100% of the screen but I since had to increase the heights to account of the overlapping. (Which I’m certain isn’t the correct way to solve it!)

Thank you.

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