Mobile nav menu isn't opening

Hello! Nav menu isnt showing up when clicked. This is the only issue im having right now with my personal project. I followed a tutorial, from start to finish but when it came to javascript it just didnt work. I just need a mobile menu. i would love/need some assistance. thank you!!!

Your javascript is actually working. Open up the Inspector in your browser’s dev tools and you’ll see the active class toggling on the list. So if the active class is being toggled, then where do you think the problem might be?

I actually don’t know thats why I’m seeking a solution. I tried myself. if anyone can help me thank you so much.

If you add a class to an element expecting the styling to change and it doesn’t then I would definitely look to the CSS file for problems. Use the browser’s dev tools Inspector to see what CSS is and isn’t being applied to the list.

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