MobX or Redux? Your thoughts?

I am looking for an alternative state management library to use instead of Redux. Do you think MobX is better and easier? Can I get away with just knowing MobX? Redux is too unnecessary and complicated for me.

I am used to Vue more so than React. What kept me from React is Redux believe it or not. I know Redux is a different entity than React, but they go hand in hand.

Yeah, it certainly is more complicated than MobX, but with that comes more power. Yes, a Honda Civic is easier and less complicated than an M1 Abrams tank. But one is more powerful than the other. Which is better? That depends - are you going to the mall to buy jeans or are you in a war zone?

Yeah, redux messed with my head for a long time. Then I got a job where I needed it. It took about 3 months on the job before it finally “clicked” and then I realized how simple and elegant it really is - it just seems complicated because it is a different way of thinking. But yeah, when you’re learning it, it’s very frustrating.

Sure, there all alternatives, but ultimately they all boil down to similar concepts. The thing that I like about Redux is that I think it is very scalable. I’ve done it several ways - no state management, Context API, Redux, using module singletons for data, MobX - but as the project gets bigger and more complicated, to me there is one clear winner - Redux with Redux Saga. On a small project? Sure, I might go for one of the others. But I’ve usually ended up working on big and complicated projects.

What kept me from React is Redux believe it or not. I know Redux is a different entity than React, but they go hand in hand.

Not true at all. I’ve worked jobs that use no redux at all. On one we just used Context API everywhere. Personally, I found that to be a pain and I really, really missed redux.

But there are other options.

I guess my question is: What is your goal?

Do you already have a job with which you are satisfied? Are you a hobbyist? Then by all means, search for the choice that best fits your personality.

Are you like I was, and wanting to get a first job? When I was in that position, I was amazed at all the people that felt that they were entitled to pick and choose their path, as if they were entitled to a job on their terms. Me, I did the opposite. I went on the job boards and searched. For example, if I go on linkedin’s job search and search the US for jobs, I get 407 hits for “MobX” and 7,321 for “Redux”. I would ask myself, “Which one is more likely to get me a job?” That was always the most important thing to me.

Now, to some extent it’s not a complete wash if you learn something they don’t use - they may say, “Oh well, he has experience with package x, and we use package y, but there’s some overlap there so we can work with him”. Sure, that can happen. But all things being equal, they’ll go with the person with most experience in what they use. And getting a first job is hard enough.

Do you really need to use Redux ? Can’t your get away using Context API which is simpler ?

Do check out Picking From 20 React State Managers - YouTube

Sure, it’s simpler. That’s the problem. For a really complex app, that can get very messy. For a simple project, sure.

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