Modal Image Issue

I’m having some issues with the modal image I’m trying to create for a website I’m making. I’m not able to click on the image at all but I am able to hover over it. The main idea is to get the modal image to work when I click on my “About” nav link.

I was using this link as a reference on how to structure the modal image.

Below is a code of my HTML


  <!--Importation of CSS and Javascript-->
  <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="style.css">
  <script type="text/javascript" src="jesusjavascript.js"></script>

  <main id="main">
    <h1 id="title"> The life of Jesus</h1>

    <nav id="nav-bar">

      <div id="About">
      <div id="#Forum">
      <div id="#Video">
      <div id="#Bible Dictionary">
        Bible Dictionary

<body id="body">


<!-- Trigger the Modal -->
<img id="myImg" src="assets/thefloodofjesus.gif" alt="Moses parts the sea with the diciples"
style="width:100%; max-width:300px">

<!-- The Modal -->
<div id="myModal" class="modal">

  <!-- The Close Button -->
  <span class="close" onclick="document.getElementById('myModal').style.display='none'">&times;</span>

  <!-- Modal Content (The Image) -->
  <img class="modal-content" id="img01">

  <!-- Modal Caption (Image Text) -->
  <div id="caption"></div>


    <marquee direction="right">
      <img id="seagul" src="" alt="">

    <!-- Yellow Cross-->

      <img id="yellow_cross_heart_image" img
    <figcaption id="img-caption"> A white heart with a cross on the topside and yellow background</figcaption>

    <!--Tribute link code & Yellow bible text image-->

    <div id="tribute-info">Tribute info</div>

      <a href="" target="_blank">
        <img id="yellow_biblical_text" src="assets/cooltext391207635180624.png" alt="Old yellow bible text">


    <div id="arrow_div">
      <img id="arrow_foot0" src="assets/PinClipart.com_power-up-clipart_3336549.png">
      <img id="arrow_foot1" src="assets/PinClipart.com_power-up-clipart_3336549.png">
      <img id="arrow_foot2" src="assets/PinClipart.com_power-up-clipart_3336549.png">



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