Model.updata() not working

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Database is not updating
I’ve asked for help on stackoverflow and it’s still not working.

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var findEditThenSave = async function(personId, done){
    var foodToAdd = 'hamburger';
    var foodArray = [];
    var updateObj;

        var data=await Person.findById(personId);
        done(null, data);
        foodArray = data.favoriteFoods;
        console.log("foodArray inside findById: ", foodArray);
        updateObj = {favoriteFoods: foodArray};

        await Person.update({_id: personId}, updateObj);
        console.log("Updated successfully");
        console.log("foodArray inside update function:", foodArray);

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Challenge: Perform Classic Updates by Running Find, Edit, then Save

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Make sure you are following the instructions for the challenge.

They ask you to findById(), then update the object via push() or something similar, then they ask you to call save() inside the callback of findById().