Modern Bard ->Tribute Page (Feedback Please)

Hi All

This is my first ever page . I “operate” only HTML and CSS at the moment. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated!

I hope you can open all links and play song whatever browser you use.

Thank you for your time!

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Hi there)

I don’t know why, but I don’t see the code for your Tribute Page. I checked other people’s pages and the code pops up automatically. Could you please look and see if the issue is on your side? Would be glad to give you feedback)

Have a great day

Hi !
Massive thank you for letting me know about my invisible link!- as it works perfectly well on my mobile and tablet.
I tried different things and link works for me (link is in message, is working, also clicking message title transfers reader to my Tribute Page).

I asked on forum about any ideas how to sort this out and if it still not working.
Thank you for letting me know!
Kind Regards

you need to change view, the editor view is the one where the code is shown

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HI @Agnes-Ka !

Welcome to the forum!

Congrats on finishing your first project!

Here are my thoughts.

First off, please get rid of the style tags and move your css to the css section.
Now that you are building projects instead of going through the FCC challenges you will want to keep your html and css separate.

Also please do not use inline styles
For example,

<body style="background-color: lightgrey;">

You have a few errors in your html.
Run your code through the html validator.

Please do no use br tags like this.


Please use css instead if you want to create space between elements.

Here is the official documentation for br tags so you will know about the correct way to use them.

Hope that helps!


Thank you! I change it now.

I couldn’t decide (when posting it) if it should be:
→ in full view (to give overal impression - how page looks like)
→ html view (to get feedback about code).

Kind Regards

Thats definitely helps! Thank you so much!

This page pass all tests - but for me it is “work in progress” and I plan to impove it as I will learn more every day and also when someone make some suggestions how to make it better.

Have a nice day!

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Just keep building and practicing :grinning:

you can post which link you want, anyone looking at your pen can change the view as they want

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Hi there)

Going to put a few cents here.

  1. The image description looks very small on my laptop screen.
  2. A lot of elements are not centered
  3. Font-size is too small in p elements.
  4. If you really want to walk the extra mile, play with Google Fonts. In my projects I tend to abandon the default font when I finish the other stuff.

Hope that helps, have a great day)



Definitely agree about fonts and layout. It looks OK on my mobile but dodgy on computer screen… :grimacing::flushed:
Working on all feedback now!

Kind Regards

Sure, if you can use media query to change the layout for people on laptops/mobiles, it would be sooo good) Like leave what you have now, but change what I told you about with media query.

Looking forward to checking the page once more)

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