Modification of item inside parentheses or after method, Chaining

This is about Solution 2, using my name for the args variable. I don’t understand the chain that creates the variable target.
let targets = Array.from(arguments);
targets = targets.slice(1);
In Solution 2, this is chained.
let targets = Array.from(arguments).slice(1);
I thought arguments and slice would be inside the Array.from method.
let targets = Array.from(arguments.slice(1));
Why isn’t this how it works?

My solution
function destroyer(arr) {
  let targets = Array.from(arguments);
  targets = targets.slice(1);
  return arr.filter(value =>  {
    return !targets.includes(value);

Solution 2
function destroyer(arr) {
  var args = Array.from(arguments).slice(1);
  return arr.filter(function(val) {
    return !args.includes(val);
destroyer([1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3], 2, 3);

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Challenge: Seek and Destroy

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The two solutions are effectively identical.

Do you understand what Array.from(arguments) produces?

They are the same. That way chains them, one after the other.
How about one inside the other?

arguments is not an array and does not have a slice method, so that can’t work. You need to turn it into an array to use slice on it.

arguments is an unbound list. Thank you.