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What is the userObj bit in this answer? I’ve never written an object that way where I put the name of the key followed by ‘Obj’. I had to look up the answer for this one because there was no way I could have known to type it as ‘userObj’. This isn’t defined anywhere and nowhere else was I told to write it this way. I was told in previous lessons to type it as key.subthing.subthing2 or key[subthing][subthing2].

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let user = {
  name: 'Kenneth',
  age: 28,
  data: {
    username: 'kennethCodesAllDay',
    joinDate: 'March 26, 2016',
    organization: 'freeCodeCamp',
    friends: [
    location: {
      city: 'San Francisco',
      state: 'CA',
      country: 'USA'

function addFriend(userObj, friend) {
  // change code below this line;
  // change code above this line

console.log(addFriend(user, 'Pete'));

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It’s just the name of a variable. It could be called elephantPants and it would work the same.

userObj is only the name of the parameter of the function, it actually can be called anything.

When the code calls the function like that: addFriend(user, 'Pete'), the function parameters receives those values, so:

  1. userObj receives the value of user
  2. friend receives the value of ‘Pete’