Modifying CSV to create tags help

I am looking to create a quick app where I can upload an excel file with 4 values.

Year / Make / Model / web link

I have all of the years makes and models filled out, and would to produce tags and link such as:


The excel file would then have:

year / make / model / /collections/all/year+make+model

What is the best way to do this? I have a 10000 line excel file that doing by hand would take forever. I’m assuming I could run these in text files and place into excel later.


I think a quick find/replace in a text editor that supports regex will do. Say you want to find ^(\d{4}),(\w+),(\w+)$ and replace with $1,$2,$3,/collections/all/$1+$2+$3. You may have to tweak the regex to suit your needs.