Modules and Certifications showing as incomplete

I have completed two certificates and am working on my third. Throughout all three courses I’ve encountered modules previously showing as completed become “incomplete”. when I investigate, I find a few random steps are marked incomplete, even though the final step is still complete.
Today one of my certifications started showing as incomplete. I found one module with two steps in the middle incomplete.
I’ve tried switching to Chrome per other forum answers, but still have to go back every few days to complete random missing steps in the modules.
Is there anything
I can do to prevent this?

Changes have been made recently to the curriculum in order to better serve the needs of the freeCodeCamp community.

The lessons and project steps which have been added or substantively changed will not be marked as “completed”, which can impact your reported course competion percentage. This will not impact claimed certificates. If you have already completed a project, then you are not required to complete the new steps. Any lessons which are not part of a certification project are always optional.

Only the 5 certification projects count towards the certificate.

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