Moms learning code to share the coding journey

Hi, I am self taught web dev mom, I learned html css , some javascript and now learning react js, being self taught is very hard, sometimes I get stuck or sometimes I don’t have the motivation to sit down and learn that’s why I am looking for some of you guys to learn together, boost each other and share the coding journey!
Everyone is welcome, especially moms :slight_smile:
If you are interested, please contact me
Thank you

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Hey, yes defenitely, it will help to learn together
what technology are you learning/using?
I am learning react js


I’m a mom, (though my “baby” just turned 18 :astonished:)

I’m also learning React, but am leaning toward learning php to work with WordPress.

If you think I’d fit your group, send me a message.

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Hi, of course, it will be great to help motivate each other

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Hey you can add me on discord: jeSuisCodeuse#3524

You can add me on discord: jeSuisCodeuse#3524

Hi! I’d love to connect with you.

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