Monday Motivation Thread Jan 14 2019

To kick of this week’s Motivation Monday thread, here’s the original motivational poster from the 1970s.

What are your goals for this week?


1 chunk of good quality, functional code per day, for me.

Yesterday I made a nice pure CSS banner utilising Z sort and transparency keyframes, so img:hover makes the top image disappear to reveal text information underneath it.

Tonight is going to be my first crack at a floating nav bar.

I’ve found, even early on, that creating an accomplishable goal, even if it’s small, is realyl rewarding and motivating.

PS @QuincyLarson Thanks for helping me out on Twitter a few days back when I couldn’t post! Much appreciated :smile:



Today it is the 4th anniversary of my relationship!

But other than that… I think that this week I will return to my Khan Academy projects, to review ProcessingJS, sorting algorithms, and make everything better. And remove spelling errors from the comments (the horror!)


Happy anniversary!

What do you think of think of ProcessingJS so far?


Thank you!

It was my first approach to JavaScript, I started coding with it for the Hour of Code a few years back, it is fun to do simple things with it but I think I have not been able to use it at its full potential, not yet at least!


I’m hoping to get through the vast majority of the remaining lessons. Then, beginning/continuing the projects. Going to be a lot of work, but I’m excited. Was really happy to learn/use React for the first times on Thursday and Friday.

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Being excited is a huge part of being able to power through. I’m glad you’re enjoying React so far!