MongoDB and Mongoose - Create a Model

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solution: boilerplate-mongomongoose-32 - Replit

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Challenge: MongoDB and Mongoose - Create a Model

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please don’t post duplicates, wait up till somebody replies first!!

and also do tell us more about your issue you’re having with this, otherwise it’s just too abstract to begin with, just by looking at this…

ok my issue is my test is not geting pass
code is correct

if code was correct and as per instructions, this should pass this step!!

i would recommend then read instructions and do a cross check, happy learning :slight_smile:

Didn’t you fix this exact error in another thread? The bad auth error would suggest that your username/password is wrong in the connection string.

Not sure why you have restarted this project 35 times (according to the Replit names) but that just makes it much harder to help you as we do not know which version you are working on. Your thread has version 32 but your latest version is 35.

With your latest version 35 if I fork it and use my own DB it passes.

sir every time i enter my data is not store in ripositary thats why i have to put my every i have to make new replit project
and still test problem uccering please help me sir to sot the problem
test is not passing my coad is this

Code 8000 is still an authentication error (as far as I know). Make sure you have the correct name and password in the connection string.

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