MongoDB and Mongoose Create and Save a Record of a Model step 3 HELP ME PLZ

I can’t pass this step for exactly 1 month. I’ve looked everywhere, I’ve tried every way, I can’t remember any other course in my life that I’ve had such difficulty. It keeps giving errors. I think I’m completely wasting my time. If I can’t pass, I’m thinking of finishing the course without completing it.
It’s really a shame.
You can lose your mental health.

What have you tried?

These lessons can be kind of difficult because you get a big paragraph (or multiple paragraphs) that contain a bunch of steps. But if you go through it one sentence at a time, it’s totally doable.

Please post a link to your project code.

Coding is hard. Just when you think you’re getting the hang of something, another seemingly inexplicable thing comes along. Calm perseverance, taking breaks, a lot of Googling and asking for help are keys to success. I found this pretty challenging at first too, but it will click into place!

Give us a link to your code and hopefully we can help you figure it out.