MongoDB and Mongoose - Create and Save a Record of a Model

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I give up, this course content is completely disconnected from the replits they ask to clone at the start of the section and the articles they reference in the beginning of the section. I dont want to learn by asking for hints on every basic issue cos the content simply isnt there or even attempted to be explained in basic detail.

As an example, section titled “create-a-model”

Requirement to pass section is to -
Create a person schema called personSchema having this prototype:

- Person Prototype -
name : string [required]
age :  number
favoriteFoods : array of strings (*)

There is NO explanation or guidance at all on how to define an array of strings in the section itself or even in the linked article -

All that article says is that array is a schema type. No mention of typing the array as a string anywhere. How am i supposed to learn or even know that to pass this test i need to define it as something like
favoriteFoods : [String]

If i had to read every single thing from the mondodb site, why am i wasting time on an FCC course?
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Challenge: MongoDB and Mongoose - Create and Save a Record of a Model

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You might be a well respected expert, but it would have been nicer if u had read the article before replying, and even half heartedly understood the challenges a noob faces, and why a noob is here in the first place.

That article and that article ends schema definition at -
The following Schema Types are permitted:

  • Array
  • Boolean
  • Buffer
  • Date
  • Mixed (A generic / flexible data type)
  • Number
  • ObjectId
  • String

It has NO mention of how to define a property as an array of string, but the challenge expects me to solve it.

Thanks to your response, I’m dumping FCC altogether. If i am not to expect even reasonable basics coverage, and should google every little thing myself, FCC serves ZERO value to my learning. This forum adds no value to a noob other than denigrating the noob for his noobness. Catch 22 situation.

I have to agree. The only reason I can see for using this “notation”:

favoriteFoods : array of strings (*)

Would be that showing the actual syntax would give away the answer to the challenge. If that is the case, there should be an example schema with different properties that shows the syntax.

The later parts of the curriculum are often intentionally vague to force people into the habit of researching and reading documentation. Which isn’t a bad thing, as that is one of the most important skills to develop. It’s just hard to strike the proper balance and it can often lead to the situation you are describing. You start learning something new and then you are asked to go somewhere else to actually learn it, come back, and finish the curriculum step that was supposed to teach you just that.

We do accept bug reports and suggestions for corrections and improvements on GitHub.

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