MongoDB and Mongoose

//----- DO NOT EDIT BELOW THIS LINE ----------------------------------

exports.PersonModel = Person;

exports.createAndSavePerson = createAndSavePerson;

exports.findPeopleByName = findPeopleByName;

exports.findOneByFood = findOneByFood;

exports.findPersonById = findPersonById;

exports.findEditThenSave = findEditThenSave;

exports.findAndUpdate = findAndUpdate;

exports.createManyPeople = createManyPeople;

exports.removeById = removeById;

exports.removeManyPeople = removeManyPeople;

exports.queryChain = queryChain; <-- /* i am getting an error here saying that ‘{’ expected

wat could be the issue ?
please help, I am doing this in fcc

Could you please share the code and mention the challenge you are trying to solve?

I think I should see it after completing the challenge btw Thank you so much jasmeet …

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Yeah, sure :slight_smile:

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