MongoDB Migration

Hi Everyone.

We will be switching over our databases from mLab to MongoDB Atlas today, as a part of maintenance on the learn platform.

For switching the DB, we need to update the API instances with new connection strings.

As a result, we also need to stop the learn platform and wait for a little while to ensure the API interaction from the clients (our users) have stopped.

Once the learn app is not sending any more requests, we can stop the API instances, make the switch and bring the applications back up. This step does not take more than a couple minutes.

Due to the nature of uncertainty of the ongoing API requests, we can’t accurately predict the downtime between the stopping the Learn app and the API Instances. The API needs to stop receiving requests, for a safe switchover.

We estimate the total downtime to be anywhere around 20-30 minutes. However, this could be more if we have more users than our average load.

We also expect heightened traffic and support questions forum during this time. We have taken steps to make this announcement on the forum and will post an update twitter.

We request your patience during the same, and help fellow users on the forum with their queries.

As a bonus, here’s something to watch while you wait: How to Build Your Own Tetris Game with JavaScript


We are back on shiny new database instances! Woohoooooooo. :tada:

Please tag us in a thread if you find issues.